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ErgobotĀ® - Robotic Pick and Place Case Packing

The ErgobotĀ® is a case packing work cell that offers the flexibility of ergonomic hand packing and automatic robotic pick and place case packing.  Proven, reliable, and cost effective FANUC robots are integrated by Motion Controls Robotics, Inc with similarly established Ergopack® hand packing stations from Combi Packaging.

 Early in 2014, Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. and Combi Packaging Systems LLC announced a strategic partnership to integrate robotic pick and place technology with ergonomic hand packing equipment, providing customers with the flexibility to fully automate their secondary packaging tasks in a cost effective manner. Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading provider of customized end of line packaging equipment.

This collaboration gives existing Ergopack® customers the ability to retrofit existing hand packing machines to be fully automatic, and new customers the ability to incorporate full automation into a new Ergobot® machine right from the factory.  In either case, the machines can be run in full automatic mode with the robot doing the case packing, and as a traditional hand packing station for short run, special packaging jobs and as a backup to the robotic operation.

Options for the Ergobot® include;  

  • Variable pack counts and pack-out patterns that can be changed in just a few minutes
  • Lot tracking/product serialization
  • 100% quality inspection with industry leading FANUC iR Vision
  • Multiple end of arm tools for varying product configurations
  • Customization to suit specific applications
  • Automatic tool change for multiple product configurations
  • Food grade robot
  • Conveyor options to suit product


combi4.jpgAn intuitive user interface is provided for the Ergobot for easy startup, shutdown, product changeover and “single touch” robot cycle recovery. 

The Ergobot ®  is perfect for automating tasks that are difficult, ergonomically challenging, or unsafe for people.

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