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We are a leading provider of robotic automation solutions in the food & beverage, plastics, building and construction materials, and board & sheet goods industries. Through strong innovation, knowledgeable people and a bold vision, we can help you find the most appropriate solution for your exacting needs, create efficiencies, accelerate timelines, and keep you competitive. Contact Motion Controls Robotics if you are looking to automate your end-of-line packaging, case packing and palletizing application, or material handling and machine tending application. We will work with you to configure an efficient manufacturing or packaging system using FANUC’s industry leading robotics and the latest in other material handling automation equipment and controls. After your system is installed, our 24/7 Service Dispatch ensures your ability to reach us for support should you ever need it.

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News & events

  • Is Your Factory Headed for Greatness, or the Graveyard?

    Motion Controls Robotics - April 15, 2014

    As a manager or engineer at a factory in this day in age, you probably have asked yourself  “Would robotic automation be a benefit to my operation?”

  • 12 Reasons to Select FANUC’s Integrated iRVision System

    Motion Controls Robotics - April 08, 2014

    FANUC’s iRVision is the only fully integrated vision system available in the robotics industry.  iRVision is one of the many features and tools available from FANUC, the #1 choice of customers worldwide.

  • Motion Controls Robotics Announces Strategic Partnership

    Motion Controls Robotics, Inc - April 02, 2014

    Motion Controls Robotics, Inc., a leading provider of robotic automation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Combi Packaging Systems LLC, a leading provider of customized end-of-line packaging equipment, to integrate robotic pick and place technology with ergonomic hand packing equipment. They are launching a new automated case packing product called the Ergobot®, an automated version of Combi’s proven Ergopack® ergonomic hand packing station. Motion Controls Robotics will apply its expertise in robotic packaging, case packing and palletizing to expand the ability of both companies to fully automate case packing and packaging tasks.

  • MCRI – Heavy Weight Champion of the Robotics World!

    Motion Controls Robotics - April 01, 2014

    Early in 2014, Motion Controls Robotics received another customer order for a robotic packaging cell featuring a FANUC M2000iA robot.  The M2000 is the most powerful 6 axis robot in the world.  And no integrator in North America has sold more of them to its customers than Motion Controls Robotics.  These robots have best in class payload, work envelope, and wrist strength.

    Our application engineering team, mechanical engineering department, manufacturing personnel and installation experts were in shock and awe at the first M2000 to be delivered to our plant floor, requiring special rigging and low boy truck handling along the way.  We have grown accustomed to the large robots now, and the place seems a bit empty when we don’t have one in production!

  • Rolled Roofing Products – Robotic Palletizing Cell

    Motion Controls Robotics - March 21, 2014

    A FANUC M410/140 robot is used in this work cell to automatically palletize rolls of roofing material on end, in a vertical orientation. A FANUC iR Vision system ensures the labels are optimally oriented to enhance point of purchase product display. Custom roll handling conveyor guarantees the product is round, not flattened, before each roll is placed on end on the pallet. Empty pallets are automatically placed by the robot in the palletizing positions. Multiple products can be palletized simultaneously from multiple incoming production lines. Motion Controls Robotics, Inc., located in Fremont, OH, is an expert in robotic roll handling, including palletizing, packaging, machine tending, and general roll/material handling. Contact us at 419.334.5886 if you have an interest in automating your roll handling, case packing or palletizing operation.